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Medic-Aid Africa

Medicine Where It Matters

~ Hope House ~


Since October more than 500 men, women and children have been murdered in the north east of Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sadly, this includes 42 people murdered in DRC this week and in particular 7 who died, from horrific machete wounds, after being brutally attacked in a hospital by Islamist Ugandan rebels.

At Medic-Aid Africa we already provide medical, humanitarian and Safe Haven (sexual assault/rape) support services - but these latest attacks have stretched our services and resources.

We desperately need to raise funds to provide safe and secure accommodation for displaced families, pay for ongoing medical treatment for them in a larger medical facility than we have and crucially provide secure housing for the many children orphaned.

We simply cannot turn our backs - so please help us to take care of as many of these people as we can!