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Medic-Aid Africa

Medicine Where It Matters

Condition: Critical

For the population living in the east and north-east of Democratic Republic of Congo, 2008 was a bleak year.

In January of that year, a peace agreement in Goma, between the Congolese army and various armed groups, brought a of hope to the people of North and South Kivu.

However, sporadic fighting continued throughout the year until full-scale war resumed at the end of August, 2008.

Hundreds of of civilians were forced to flee the violence and most aid organisations suspended their .

As of January, 2010, nearly 80% of the population of North and South Kivu are displaced from their and villages. Most are living in makeshift communities, the rest are merely surviving day-to-day in refugee camps.

The destiny of everyone in this region is shaped by war and daily violence.

Nearly half the populations of refugee camps are orphaned children, or children who have previously been abducted and forced into sexual slavery, soldiers and .

One in three young girls and women, who arrive at our medical field-clinic at Camp Mercy, have been raped or sexually abused.

Their stories need to be told.

They deserve for us to have a death situations, for one simple, humble, goal: survival.

They don't want or seek pity; but they need our help. We are the privileged, so please help us to help them.

* * * * *

Check back later for new updates, and of events taking place. 

There's much more to come and together we can make a huge difference.

We hope to see you again soon!